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Stakeholder engagement

Omnia is committed to transparent reporting in line with its duty to all stakeholders. The board is ultimately accountable for stakeholder engagement. In FY2019, Omnia adopted a formal stakeholder engagement framework which allowed for structured and constructive engagements at appropriate levels of Omnia.

Key stakeholder engagement objectives [graph]

In execution of its governance role and responsibilities, Omnia adopts a stakeholder-inclusive approach that balances the needs, interests and expectations of material stakeholders over time. As such, the Group engages regularly with stakeholders to understand their perceptions of Omnia and to identify future trends, possible risks, determine material issues and areas for strategic development.

Key engagement principles | Stakeholder engagement process [graph]

Mapping Omnia’s stakeholders

In prioritising the material stakeholders, Omnia applies the following criteria:

  • The degree to which Omnia depends on the relevant stakeholder’s support in achieving its strategic goals
  • The extent to which the relevant stakeholder can impact Omnia’s performance
  • The relative importance of the relevant stakeholder for the Group as a whole
  • The risk exposure for Omnia by not engaging with the relevant stakeholder

Mapping Omnia's stakeholders [graph]

Fore more information go to our latest Annual Report - stakeholder engagement (PDF - 104KB)

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