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Omnia and sustainability reporting

Governance of sustainability

The board is ultimately responsible for the key governance processes to ensure sustainable growth, acceptable performance and affairs of the Group. The board delegates to the Social and Ethics Committee (SEC) its responsibility for monitoring and managing the Group’s social and economic development, good corporate citizenship (including the promotion of equality as well as environmental, health and safety), good labour conditions and sound business ethics.

Sustainability vision

To manage health, safety, environmental, social and financial demands and concerns in order to ensure the responsible, ethical and ongoing success of the business.

The Group subscribes to the principles of openness, integrity and accountability and the concept of the “triple bottom line”. These principles embrace economic, social and environmental relationships through an integrated, sustainable approach that encompasses all stakeholders – shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, governments and the communities in which Omnia operates. Omnia continues to integrate economic development, environmental quality and social equity into the Group’s business practices so as to constantly improve performance in a sustainable manner. The Group’s approach includes the integration of sustainability into Omnia’s corporate cultures that it will become fundamental across functions, including in the value proposition offered to the stakeholders.

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