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Corporate governance

Omnia aspired to good governance, high ethics, and integrity. Omnia recognises that good governance is more than legislative compliance and bestpractice principles: it is the key to the Group delivering on its commitments to stakeholders. This takes place through accountability at all levels of the organisation, strong risk and opportunity management, and a focus on performance. The Group however also recognises that it is an ongoing journey.

The board, Omnia’s custodian of corporate governance, holds to the principles embodied in the King Code of good corporate governance and for the purposes of transparency, disclosed a summary of its application of King IV. This Governance report details the Group’s implementation in order to reach the good governance outcome of the King IV principles in its day-to-day activities and, recognising that embedding all principles takes time, also indicates the future focus areas for the forthcoming financial year.

Omnia’s governance framework

Governance structure

Annual financial statements 2018Remuneration and implementation reportSocial, Ethics and Risk committee report

For more information about Omnia and corporate governance, go to our full
corporate governance report (PDF - 1.06MB).

King IV application register (PDF - 359KB).