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The Group strategy is committed to development and growth across three sectors


Produces and trades in granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers to a broad customer base of farmers, co-operatives and wholesalers to assist:

  • Farmers to generate profitable yields during variable seasons and to protect the environment
  • Development of emerging farmers
  • Moving commercial and emerging farmers towards more sustainable practices


Manufacturer and supplier of explosives, related accessories and blasting services to the mining, quarrying and construction industries as well as specialising in products and solutions for processing ores in the mining industry.

Omnia’s offering specifically aim to improve mine profitability by improving the total productivity and safety of the mine.


Manufacturer and distributor of speciality, functional and effect chemicals, polymers as well as bulk volume base oil, additives and lubricant products. Omnia’s solutions promote responsible use of chemicals for an improved safety and lower environmental impact, with an increasing shift towards cleaner technologies.

For more detailed information on our separate business units please view their individual sites:

Main operating divisions

The Group’s solutions promote the responsible use of chemicals for a safe, healthy and lower environmental impact shift towards cleaner technologies

Main operating divisions [illustration]

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