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Omnia Group CEO appointed to the Board of International Fertilizer Association

Omnia Group, a leading provider of innovative solutions in agriculture, mining, and chemicals, proudly announces the appointment of its CEO, Seelan Gobalsamy, to the esteemed board of the International Fertilizer Association (IFA).

The International Fertilizer Association (IFA) is the only global fertilizer association, with over 450 members spanning 78 countries. Driven by a mission to promote responsible and efficient production, distribution, and utilisation of plant nutrients, the IFA plays a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable agricultural practices that contribute to feeding the world's growing population.

Commenting on his appointment, Omnia Group CEO Seelan Gobalsamy, "Food security and supply chains have been propelled to the fore in recent years. Climate change is likely to exacerbate the shortfalls in the global food supply system. Joining a global organisation dedicated to solving the interlinked issues of food security, sustainability and employment has never been more important.”

At the core of Omnia’s purpose: innovating to enhance life, together creating a greener future is the imperative to innovate, not just for the sake of progress, but with the profound intention of enhancing lives and contributing to a more sustainable and resilient world. Joining the IFA Board presents an opportune platform for Omnia to accelerate the transition to sustainable and intelligent farming practices that will ensure the efficient utilisation of the planet's scarce arable land.

“Food security is a fundamental human right, and as a company dedicated to innovation, we bear a responsibility to be at the forefront of solutions. As we navigate an era marked by climate change and a growing global population, our purpose as a business gains even greater significance. We are proud to be actively participating in the creation of a world where every individual has access to sufficient, nutritious food produced on a sustainable basis,” said Seelan Gobalsamy.

IFA CEO Alzbeta Klein said, “Africa has an important role to play in feeding the global population, yet it is also the continent most affected by food insecurity. Omnia’s unique knowledge and capabilities in developing cutting-edge solutions that address the complex challenges hindering global food security will be invaluable to our industry. We welcome and look forward to working with Seelan Gobalsamy on our Board.”


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About the International Fertilizer Association

The International Fertilizer Association (IFA) was founded in 1927 and is the only global fertilizer association, with over 450 members from more than 70 countries and a mission to promote the efficient and responsible production, distribution, and use of plant nutrients. This mission plays a critical role in helping to feed the world sustainably. IFA represents providers of plant nutrition solutions. Members include fertilizer producers, traders and distributors, as well as their associations, service providers to the industry, research organizations, AgTech startups and non- governmental organizations.

About Omnia

Omnia is a well-established global complementary chemical services company with operations in 26 countries with a growing global footprint. Through knowledge-based, innovative solutions, Omnia delivers customised offerings through its Agriculture, Mining and Chemicals segments, with a focus on lowering environmental impact, supported by a shift towards cleaner technologies.

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