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2024 Suite of Reports

Omnia has released its Integrated Annual Report, Environmental Social and Governance Report, Tax Transparency Report and supplementary documents for 2024.

2024 Suite of Reports
IAR 2024 [cover]

Integrated Annual Report 2024

ESG Report 2024 [cover]

ESG Report 2024

Tax Transparency Report 2024 [cover]

Tax Transparency Report

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FertiCoat has the potential to improve fertilizer efficiency, reduce nutrient lock-up, stick trace elements to fertilizer and improve yield.

About Omnia

The Omnia Group comprises a balanced and diversified range of complementary chemical services businesses with a broad geographic spread.

The Group extracts operational synergies and efficiencies across its businesses. It has been in business since 1953 and is listed in the Chemicals sector of the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.

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Omnia’s Agriculture division, Omnia Nutriology, is the market leader in southern Africa and comprises Omnia Fertilizer and Omnia Specialties.

The division produces granular, liquid and specialty fertilisers for a broad customer base of farmers, co-operatives and wholesalers throughout southern and East Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.



BME is the leading supplier of explosives to the South African open pit mining and quarrying industry. It offers ground breaking solutions to all its customers and has operations in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mali, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Malawi, Senegal and Zambia. It also trades into Mozambique and the DRC.

Protea Mining Chemicals offers value-added services to complement a wide range of chemical products.



Protea Chemicals is a well-established manufacturer and distributor of specialty, functional and effect chemicals and polymers, with a major presence in every sector of the broader chemical distribution market. Operating throughout South Africa and widely across the African continent, the company represents a large number of domestic and international principals, counting among its suppliers many of the world’s leading chemical producers.

The Omnia spirit underpins its service ethic, brings innovation to the fore, creates value for its customers and ensures integrity in all that it does.

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As at 31 March 2024

decreased to R22 219 million
(FY2023: R26 572 million)
Operating profit
decreased to R1 703 million
(FY2023: R1 899 million)
Earnings per share
increased to 705 cents
(FY2023: 692 cents)
Global Credit Rating
upgraded to long term: A+, affirmed short term: A1 both with stable outlook
(FY2023: long term A, short term: A1 with a positive outlook)
Recordable Case Rate
improved to 0.05
(FY2023: 0.16)
Lost-time injury incidents
improved to 4
(FY2023: 6)
Renewable energy use
increased to 12 976MWh
(FY2023: 4 911MWh)
Water recycled or reused
increased to 174 megalitres
(FY2023: 140ML)
GHG emissions
improved to 156 759 t CO2e
(FY2023: 187 602 t CO2e)
B-BBEE rating remained at Level 2
(FY2023: Level 2)