Our people [photo]

Our people

Our vision describes the broad strategic direction we believe Omnia should take in creating a sustainable and growing business that will be relevant in the future, taking into account the key drivers of future change.

Louisa Moyaki [photo]

Louisa Moyaki

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Louisa Moyaki is a Production Manager based at the Sasolburg plant. Louisa holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

She manages three Nitrate production plants and works with a very dynamic team. She enjoys writing and story telling

Liana Scheepers [photo]

Liana Scheepers

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Liana Scheepers is Accounts Payable Manager, based at Protea Chemicals. She has a strong sales and customer service background and received a Sales Award at an Annual Sales Conference. Her journey with Omnia started in 2001 and she has seen nothing but good career opportunities since.

Tovi Ellis [photo]

Tovi Ellis

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Tovi Ellis is Assistant Company Secretary, based at Omnia Head Office. Being a governance professional and champion is at the core of what Tovi does.

Her role requires her to partner with the board of directors of the various Omnia entities, in order to ensure that we comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Terry Ngoetjana [photo]

Terry Ngoetjana

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Terry Ngoetjana is a Credit Controller for the BME business unit. She enjoys her new role tremendously as she gets to interact with our clients with regards to payment and delivery of goods and services. Terry would love to dance, but unfortunately she has two left feet.

Khethiwe Kunene [photo]

Khethiwe Kunene

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Khethiwe Kunene is a Plant Superintendent based at the Sasolburg plant. Khethiwe leads a team of 36 employees whose main responsibility it is to receive raw materials which are distributed to various downstream plants onsite.

In her words… "I consider our department the “gate keepers” when it comes to quality in Sasolburg as we are the first handlers of raw materials purchased, therefore the first line of defence."

Jasmin Munsami [photo]

Jasmin Munsami

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Jasmin Munsami is an Internal Sales Representative, based at Protea Chemicals. Her employment with the company started in 1989. She has been through highs and lows with the organisation and feels blessed to be a part of this dynamic eco-system.

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