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Gareth Koopman  [photo]

Gareth Koopman

Group Learning and Development Manager

Omnia Youth Talent Hub

Recently graduated? This is the place to be if you are about

  • Protecting Life
  • Sustaining Livelihoods
  • Creating a Better World

At Omnia we are committed to do our part to combat the massive youth unemployment challenges in South Africa, by creating sustainable development and career opportunities for talented youth from diverse backgrounds - empowering them to make a successful leap from academia into gainful experience.

Through the Omnia Learning Academy, we offer a variety of professional development opportunities spanning disciplines such as:

  • Agronomy
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology

Start a fulfilling career, and sign-up – Better begins with you!

Interested parties will be exposed to a robust recruitment and selection process.

Past graduates that are now permanent employees

Jolina Hlahla [photo]

Jolina Hlahla

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My journey at Omnia has been quite an interesting one and an eye-opener. In my four months of being here, I have transformed into the person I always wanted to become. I have learnt a lot about my profession and the corporate world at large. My team is amazing and has been very supportive since day one, I wouldn't have asked for a better team and a better working environment. Cheers to One-Omnia, One-Culture!

Khensani Rihlampfu [photo]

Khensani Rihlampfu

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My journey has been or rather is empowering and nurturing, never felt like an intern because no one has treated me like one. Omnia is indeed a steppingstone, to reach milestones.

Sanele Mabena [photo]

Sanele Mabena

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"My internship as an IT Intern at Omnia has been the most rewarding and motivational experience. I have connected with my colleagues, all of whom supported my career growth, both directly and indirectly.

With such empathetic, compassionate, and supportive mentors, I have developed and maintained a broader perspective on career options and opportunities. Because of the lessons I learned here from not only my manager, but my chief, I am confident that I will continue to grow and develop professionally and in my personal endeavour"

Lebogang Kgafe [photo]

Lebogang Kgafe

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As Omnia IT Intern, I am having an excellent experience and I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained so far.

I have mentors that genuinely care about my growth and that truly influences my career aspirations.

Most of all, Interns are being treated as full time employees and assigned tasks that benefits the company. Thank you, Omnia!

Rotondwa Ndou [photo]

Rotondwa Ndou

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My experience as an Intern at Omnia has taught me new skills which I don’t think I would’ve gotten on my own and the experience I gained has instilled a new confidence in me. Proudly Omnian!

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