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Our strategy

At Omnia, we leverage knowledge, enable technology and build relationships. The combination delivers trusted performance, innovation for customers and has a positive impact on the environment.

Better and better

Drive continuous improvement for operational effectiveness and improve the productivity of our people and for our customers.

Beyond commodities

Innovate and develop integrated solutions across the value chain leveraging our differentiated products and services, towards specialised, commercialised solutions.

Finding new territories

Growth in new markets through geographic expansion and acquisitions.

Trusted performance is the "sweet spot" of the combined application of knowledge, technology and relationships for customers. These feed innovations and a competitive advantage over time that is critical to achieving the growth strategy.

Successful delivery of the strategy demands the right people, skills, mindset and culture. Omnia remains committed to building an organisation that is continuously learning; and to building, acquiring and strengthening the people required to facilitate its success. The strategy is underpinned by ensuring a safe and sustainable environment for people, communities and customers.

Safety is embedded in all aspects of the strategy, as with the expectation that the group will leave behind a Better World.