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Our strategy

Protecting life, sustaining livelihoods, creating a better world.

We intend to steadily expand our footprint and improve returns on capital through the execution of organic and inorganic opportunities, while balancing the risk of a volatile market environment with our ability to allocate capital in an impactful way. Omnia exists not only to manufacture and distribute chemicals, but to sustainably secure food and mineral sources in these industries that employ large workforces. While creating jobs across the value chain, we are preparing our employees for the future, training them towards new job profiles and innovation orientated talent. We are innovating in the AgriBio sector, shifting from chemically engineered solutions to organic, bio and biomolecular solutions. We leverage technology to conduct our business, and positively impact our customers, in the most sustainable manner possible.

Our vision

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Omnia’s vision is to be an international, diversified, sustainable group of businesses that is recognised for leading the change from chemicals to greenchemicals, biotech and biomolecular solutions, offering network-created, innovative technologies that protect life.
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We have made progress on our strategy journey through:

  1. Disciplined strategy execution for enhanced operating performance
  2. Optimised supply chain and integrated manufacturing facilities that have improved reliability and throughput
  3. Disciplined cash management in a rising commodity price cycle that underpinned strong financial position
  4. Prudent capital management which resulted in value creation for stakeholders

For more information go to our latest Annual Report (PDF - 43MB)

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