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Business model

Our value proposition

In a highly competitive chemical commodities market which is dominated by international conglomerates, Omnia aims to remain competitive and achieve sustainable growth and returns for shareholders by positioning itself beyond the low margin commodities trading and towards differentiated products and knowledge-based solutions for customers across the value chain.

Our purpose and strategy

Differentiation is achieved through continuous innovation to create value for customers at various supply and service chain stages. With our purpose of creating a better world, our solutions for our customers promote the responsible, lower impact handling and use of chemicals for health and safety with a progressive shift towards lower environmental impact and cleaner technologies.

Our investments operate across the world but are all integrated to maximise our enormous intellectual, human and manufacturing capital and to effectively and profitably deliver on our purpose.

Our business was founded 68 years ago based on the ammonia value chain. This entails the production of ammonia, based on the extraction of hydrogen from liquid petroleum gas and its conversion into products including ammonium nitrate (AN), which is widely used in fertilizers and mining explosives. Today we produce and distribute a wide variety of other chemicals while, our expert staff add value to our customers and protect the environment in all of our sectors.

Omnia business model [illustration]

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Operating model

Omnia business model [illustration]

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