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Stakeholder engagement

Omnia’s board is committed to transparent reporting in line with its duty to all stakeholders. As such, the Group engages regularly with stakeholders to understand their perceptions of Omnia and pinpoint future trends, possible risks, determine material issues and strategic development.

Omnia engages constructively with all stakeholder groups to develop a mutual understanding of objectives.

Building personal relationships with stakeholders not only makes good business sense, it also enables Omnia’s intellectual capital and technology to work effectively for the Group’s service and supply chain.

As Omnia’s operates multi-nationally, the Group is subject to various economic, social, regulatory, community and environmental influences. Developing and retaining a skilled, experienced talent pool is essential and employees are encouraged to provide feedback about their training and work experiences.

The Group is actively involved in the development of effective public policy through government-led initiatives. As a representative of Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA), Omnia engages with Government at national and provincial level in formulating safety, health and environmental policies. A leading player in the chemicals industry, Omnia strongly supports the implementation of plans to improve waste management, to mitigate climate change and to advance policies that do not prejudice local manufacturers.

With emphasis on accountability, the board carefully ensures that communication about performance is distributed to all stakeholders and the public through a broad range of channels, guided by the disclosure requirements in terms of legislation, King III and the JSE Listing Requirements.

For more information go to our latest Annual Report - stakeholder engagement (PDF - 61KB).