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Protea Mining Chemicals

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Protea Mining Chemicals creates value for its investors and customers by selling and distributing chemicals, supported by a range of logistical and specialised value-add services for the mining industry.

Protea Process® offers unique products, supported by leading suppliers who seek to trade with a company based in Africa. Key requirements of these relationships include customer satisfaction, suppliers' terms of trade, safe handling of chemicals and a social licence to operate in the sub region.

Furthermore, Protea Mining Chemicals has the necessary in-house engineering expertise and practical experience to custom design and build reagent handling plants and dosing facilities that operate in the demanding environments that are a feature of the mining industry in Africa.

This market trend to outsource reagent supply, storage, make-up, and dosing to vendor management provides the cornerstone on which the continued growth of the Protea Mining Chemicals business will be built. The registered Protea Process has de-facto become the industry standard for this customer service model.

Global and local partnerships with key chemical suppliers ensure that Protea Mining Chemicals customers are provided with quality products, and supported by on-site facilities and product application expertise – a value proposition unique in the mining industry in Africa.

Based on the nature and intensity of its service to both its principals and customers alike, Protea Mining Chemicals is ‘more than just a chemical supplier’.