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High Rating for Omnia

The latest Financial Mail, 10 March 2006, has a supplement on Empowerment which is the result of a detailed survey conducted by EMPOWERDEX. Omnia was rated 29th out of 200 companies.

In response, Group Managing Director Rod Humphris said, "this is despite the fact that we received no points for our shareholding as we have yet to announce an ownership empowerment deal. On this score we are working very hard."

He felt that Omnia featured extremely well "but we all need to understand that this is an ongoing process which is forever changing. The fact that Omnia has achieved a high rating compared to others does not mean that the process is complete. There is still much to do and, of course, other companies will likewise be looking to improve their score.

"However, what it does show is that a comprehensive approach to BEE is required and that there are many facets which require attention. We all need to be aware of this, generate ideas and take actions which are not taken for the sake of BEE but are taken for the good of the business."